Fish Monitoring

Anadromous fish are the central focus on the Trinity River for both fishing and science. Numerous studies on winter and spring run Chinook salmon, coho salmon, and steelhead in the Trinity River are conducted regularly to evaluate the outcomes of restoration actions and to provide feedback for Adaptive Management.

Juvenile salmonids in the Trinity River


The Fish Work Group is one of several TRRP work groups focused on a particular scientific discipline.  Work groups meet at least four times per year to coordinate investigations within their discipline and to address questions directed to them.

Regular or long-term investigations coordinated by the Fish Work Group include:

Fish Habitat and Abundance

  • Redd Distribution and Abundance
  • Juvenile Fish Habitat
  • Long-term trend in Juvenile Density
  • Juvenile Salmonid Outmigrants

Fish Monitoring and Escapement

  • Coho Survival and Migration
  • Hatchery Straying Assessment
  • Chinook Genetics
  • Adult Fish Disease
  • Juvenile Fish Disease Monitoring
  • Adult Run-size Estimation
  • Adult Fall-run Chinook Harvest



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