River Conditions

River Conditions

Woody debris catching on trees at TRRP's Reading Creek site (wood makes good fish habitat)

Woody debris catching on trees at TRRP’s Reading Creek site (wood makes good fish habitat)

The Trinity River is managed to mimic natural flowing rivers, and support the conditions that create and maintain natural river processes. The dynamic, active waters of the Trinity create an ever changing landscape both on the banks and in the channel.  Current conditions on the Trinity River are given in the table below and on our home page. The values shown are queried from USGS every 15 minutes, to keep it up to date.* The time of the measurement is also shown. Keep in mind that these are provisional data; the USGS takes periodic field measurements and may need to recalculate data for final approved values (typically a couple times per year).

*The USGS uses multiple internet servers to distribute data in different ways, sometimes the NWIS page may show a slightly more recent measurement than provided by the webservice query shown here.


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Streamgaging of the Trinity River.

This map provides links to stream gage data across the Trinity River Watershed. Links to the USGS NWIS data will take you to the most current 15-minute data; links to the TRRP’s Online Data Portal (ODP) will give you access to an archive of daily flow values since gages began operations (1911 for the Lewiston gage!), 15 minute measurements for prior water years most active gages back to 1988, plus data for a few gages that were not operated by USGS and are not available in their databases.



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