Channel Rehabilitation Sites Constructed by TRRP:

proposedOregon Gulch [web page][data]
proposedChapman Ranch Phase B[web page][map][data]
2019Chapman Ranch Phase A[web page][map][data]
2017Deep Gulch and Sheridan Creek: Sheridan Creek[web page][data]
Deep Gulch and Sheridan Creek: Deep Gulch[web page][data]
2016Bucktail[web page][data]
2015Limekiln Gulch[data]
Upper Douglas City[data]
2014Lower Junction City[data]
2013Lorenz Gulch[data]
Douglas City[data]
2012Lower Steiner Flat[data]
Upper Junction City[data]
2011Wheel Gulch[data]
2010Trinity House Gulch[data]
Lowden Ranch[data]
Reading Creek[data]
2009Sawmill[web page][data]
2008Dark Gulch[data]
Lewiston 4: Hoadley Gulch[data]
Lewiston 4: Sven Olbertson[data]
Lewiston 4: Deadwood Creek[data]
Lewiston 4: Cableway[data]
2007Indian Creek[data]
2006Canyon Creek: Pear Tree Gulch[data]
Canyon Creek: Elkhorn[data]
Canyon Creek: Valdor Gulch[data]
Canyon Creek: Conner Ck[data]
2005Hocker Flat[map][data]
TRRP Restoration Sites

TRRP Restoration Sites



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