Synthesis Reports

In an ongoing effort the TRRP is compiling data and reports across years and topics to address specific scientific and public questions related to Trinity River restoration. The reports below were developed to promote understanding of key topics for restoration of the river and its fisheries.  Some of these reports come from a specific task to provide cohesive, summary reports (synthesis reports) on various restoration topics, while others were completed separately but address topics of a similar nature.  TRRP produces many other reports that will not be listed here (see

These reports are organized according to three categories that can be used to monitor responses to restoration actions: 1) Physical, 2) Fisheries, and 3) Riparian and Biological

Check back from time to time, as the list will expand. See also our 2021 Science Symposium page, which has presentations on some of these and other upcoming synthesis reports.

Physical (Ordered with the most recent first):

Redd and salmon carcass surveys 2016.

Partners with the TRRP complete salmon redd and carcass surveys annually on the Trinity River.

Fisheries (ordered with the most recent first)

Riparian & Biological (ordered with the most recent first)

See also our Performance Measures page.