Flow Release Notifications

There are several information resources for upcoming releases:

  • Flow Release Notification Group: subscribe by email or view recent postings below.
  • Recording of current conditions: Scheduled release changes at Lewiston for the Trinity River can also be obtained by calling the River Release Recording phone number at (530) 246-7594. The phone message is updated daily, but only with the current release and any scheduled changes. Scheduled changes are those officially transmitted by Central Valley Operations, and therefore, occur usually only a couple of days to several hours before changes are made, depending on the circumstances. [The recording lists the Keswick release for the Sacramento River first, so those interested in Trinity River releases need to wait for the Trinity portion of the recording.] This recording is currently inactive.
    • To be added to the release notification call list, please call (530) 247-8500 or (530) 623-1800 and ask to be added to the notification list. 
  • TRRP’s Current Flow Release Recommendation page. This provides the Restoration Flow Release Schedule as recommended by the Trinity River Restoration Program. Actual releases by USBR may vary.


You may subscribe through the Google Groups service to receive postings directly in your email. NOTE: you should receive an email asking you to confirm – you must confirm before your subscription is complete.


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