Guidance for adding the TRRP calendar to your own calendar app.

The TRRP Calendar can be added to your own calendar system using this link:

The exact method will vary from one calendar system to another. This is an example for adding it to a google calendar via a web browser. This may not work directly within a cell phone app.

  1. Copy the link above.
  2. Open your calendar at (log into Google if necessary)
  3. On the left-hand side, click on the + next to “Add a coworker’s calendar” then choose “From URL”
  4. Click on the text box for the URL of calendar and paste in the link.
  5. Click “ADD CALENDAR”
  6. Click the back arrow next to Settings

Note: most calendar systems that draw events from other sources (like our website) update periodically (e.g. Google updates about every 12 hours), thus very recent changes to the list above may not yet appear in the calendar below. Similarly, if you link our calendar into your calendar app, changes may take a little while to appear.