Library Search Help

The library search simultaneously searches both for documents and for data packages.  Results for each are listed in tabs below the search area, and are given as citations that link to a details page, plus an arrow that will directly download the file.

Searches are conducted on citations and (optionally) abstracts and keywords.  Searches are case insensitive, thus both chinook and Chinook will get the same results.  A standard search will return items that contain all words listed in the search, but in no particular order or location within the search.

A specific phrase search can be conducted by putting quotes around the phrase. Thus, searching for “restoration flow” with quotes will return much fewer results than without quotes because only items that contain the specific phrase “restoration flow” will be included.

A special term is available for narrowing results to a specific publication year.  By searching for year:2005 you will get only results where the publication year is given as 2005.

As you work on a search, you may notice that the address bar at the top of your browser keeps changing.  This allows you to copy and paste a link to a specific set of results into an email or document, or to bookmark the specific set.

Citations approximate the format used by the American Fisheries Society.