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Kier, M. C. 2016. Escapement and proportion of natural origin salmonids contributing to total escapement. Trinity River Restoration Program (TRRP) Performance Measure. TRRP, Weaverville, California. Available:

"Results: The escapement and proportion (percent) of naturally produced spawners are shown in Figures 1-4. Steelhead show the strongest and significant (P>0.05) increasing trend of percent increase in natural production over the periods shown. They also spend the most time juvenile rearing in the river which may reflect a positive response to an improvement in juvenile rearing conditions. Since 2007, naturally produced spring and fall Chinook also show a general increase in percent of production compared to 2001-2005. Naturally produced fall Chinook salmon were above 50% of the total fall Chinook spawners six of the eight years since 2007 and only above 50% once in the previous five years 2001-2006. Naturally produced coho salmon have not shown a trend over the periods shown, but have increased since 2009."

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