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The RAD provides data-driven information on restoration to support Trinity River ecology and fisheries below Trinity and Lewiston Dams, all the way to the confluence with the Klamath River. These data are primarily tabular, but will link out to other forms of data including maps. We intend to include all restoration activities within the Trinity River watershed that benefit mainstem fisheries. However, TRRP is only responsible for data on our own activities. Corrections may be submitted to the TRRP Data Steward. All data is provided as-is with no guarantees or warranties.

Site: Dutch Creek

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Name:Dutch Creek
Action Type:Channel Rehabilitation
Program:TRRP (USDI Record of Decision, 2000)
Unique Site Identifier:29
Photo:Photo capabilities pending.
Alternate Name:Dutch Creek
Environmental Study Limit (ESL):Dutch Creek
Year (primary construction):2020
Lead Agency:
Total Site Acres:155.10
Construction Footprint Acres:
River-Miles (lower-focus-upper):0.000 -[85.752]- 0.000
Custom TRRP Web Page:[page]
Web-Map Page:-
Civil Design Date:0000-00-00
Altitude (ft):1509
Hydrologic Unit:180102111101
NHD ID:8244582

Count of fields: 27