Andrew Paul, Ph.D.

Andrew J. Paul, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor Department of Biological Sciences – University of Calgary, Canada


Dr. Andrew Paul has been working as an aquatic ecologist in western Canada for 35 years. His work has encompassed the fields of conservation biology, community restoration, non-native species invasions, population ecology and river ecology. Andrew uses quantitative methods to aid in understanding ecological patterns or processes and has worked with the Theoretical Population Dynamics Group (University of Amsterdam) and the Fisheries Centre (University of British Columbia). Andrew spent 15 years with Alberta Fish and Wildlife studying environmental flows and now works with Alberta’s Chief Scientist to support scientific excellence in government. Andrew is an adjunct professor at the University of Calgary (Dept. of Biological Sciences).

2024 Science Symposium Presentation

Importance of experimental design to understanding aquatic ecosystems: how good intentions and experience can be the enemy of knowledge

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