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(2023) Trinity River Restoration Program - 2022 Annual Report. Report for the Trinity River Restoration Program (TRRP). Weaverville, California. Available:

In this 22nd year of the Trinity River Restoration Program, we continued to break new ground (literallyand figuratively) in our efforts to bring back vibrant fisheries in the river. Among our accomplishments:
  • We put the finishing touches on a new Science Plan which will guide how we use research, monitoring, and modeling to inform decision making and changes to how we implement restoration activities.
  • Initial construction began on the Oregon Gulch Restoration Project, the largest single site the Program has ever constructed, is estimated to increase the amount of riparian floodplain habitat in the restoration reach by over 30%.
  • For the third consecutive year, restoration releases targeted the objectives of a critically dry year.
  • Grants were awarded to recipients who are working to increase dry season stream flows and improve fish passage in key tributaries.
  • A new and enormously successful public outreach effort, Science on Tap, began in partnership with the Trinity County
    Resource Conservation District.


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