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Asarian, J. E., K. De Juilio, D. Gaeuman, S. Naman, and T. H. Buxton. 2021. Temperature synthesis report. Presentation provided to the Trinity River Restoration Program (TRRP) Science Symposium on 2021-12-02. River Bend Sciences, Eureka, California. Available:

Report Objectives
  • Construct and populate a comprehensive quality-controlled water temperature dataset for analysis and archive it for future use;
  • Evaluate patterns in the relationship between flow and temperature in space and time prior to the Trinity River Record of Decision (ROD);
  • Evaluate how ROD flows have affected the thermal regime, temperature compliance, and biological objectives on the Trinity River;
  • Evaluate temperature compliance across multiple years (pre-ROD and post-ROD);
  • Update conceptual models on stream temperature dynamics in the Trinity River; and
  • Develop management recommendations to provide water temperatures in the Trinity River that more efficiently meet objectives of the Trinity River Restoration Program (TRRP).

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