Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

Five scientists, recognized as experts in the disciplines of fisheries biology, fluvial geomorphology, hydraulic engineering, hydrology, riparian ecology, wildlife biology, or aquatic ecology, form a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Each member is appointed by the Executive Director and serves a four-year rotating term.

Clair Stalnaker, Ph.D, Former USGS (Retired);

Clair Stalnaker (Ph.D. Animal Ecology) research interests include the method development and implementation and policy for instream flows.

John Buffington, Ph.D., USDA Forest Service;

John Buffington (Ph.D. Geological Sciences) research interests include geomorphic controls on salmonid habitat at watershed scales and the use of streambed topography to predict channel hydraulics, sediment transport, and aquatic habitat.

Mike Merigliano, Ph.D, Consultant;

Mike Merigiano’s (Ph.D. Forestry) expertise is in riparian ecology management.

James T. Peterson, Ph.D., Oregon State University;

James Peterson’s (Ph.D. Fisheries) research focuses on multiple aspects of aquatic ecology, with an emphasis on stream fish communities.

Chris Jordan, Ph.D., NOAA;

Chris Jordan (Ph.D. Fisheries) is a Research Fisheries Biologist with NOAA/NMFS’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center and Program Manager for the Mathematical Biology and Systems Monitoring Program.