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McBain, S., G. Hales, S. Howlin, and S. Pittman. 2021. Statistical evaluation of Trinity River WY 20092013 bed mobility and scour monitoring. Presentation provided to the Trinity River Restoration Program (TRRP) Science Symposium on 2021-12-02. McBain Associates, Arcata, California. Available:

Evaluate geomorphic relationships on alluvial bars as a function of peak flow events between Lewiston Dam and the North Fork Trinity River.
  • Bed mobility and scour monitoring has been conducted since 1991.
  • Monitoring specifically conducted to evaluate management objectives for ROD releases starting in 2006.
    • Surface bed mobility in Normal years (6,000 cfs)
    • Begin bed surface scour (scour>1D84thick in Wet years (8,500 cfs)
    • Cause deeper scour in Extremely Wet years (scour>2D84thick 11,000 cfs)
  • Historically monitored at rehabilitation projects, then…
  • Coordinated under IAP framework in 2009 under GRTS sampling scheme, alongside fisheries and riparian vegetation monitoring.

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