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Bair, J. H., A. Hamilton, J. Lee, and S. Loya. 2021. Quantification of cottonwood seed dispersal periods. Presentation provided to the Trinity River Restoration Program (TRRP) Science Symposium on 2021-11-18. McBain Associates, Arcata, California. Available:

Presentation on a completed sythesis report.


  • Utilize existing data to quantify the seed dispersal period for black cottonwood within the Project Reach that can consistently be applied during annual flow scheduling so that the timing of key flow benches (e.g., 4,500 cfs) can coincide with cottonwood seed release.


  • Examine if seed dispersal timing differs among trees, years, and/or sites.
  • Examine the timing of seed dispersal from year to year.
  • Examine the relationship of Julian date and accumulated degree-hours with seed dispersal timing.

First Posted: 2021-12-07 02:54:55

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