Restoration Action Database (RAD)

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The RAD provides data-driven information on restoration to support Trinity River ecology and fisheries below Trinity and Lewiston Dams, all the way to the confluence with the Klamath River. These data are primarily tabular, but will link out to other forms of data including maps. We intend to include all restoration activities within the Trinity River watershed that benefit mainstem fisheries. However, TRRP is only responsible for data on our own activities. Corrections may be submitted to the TRRP Data Steward. All data is provided as-is with no guarantees or warranties.

TRRP Watershed Restoration (funded projects)

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This table lists watershed restoration projects funded by the TRRP. While these projects use the RAD activity sites table, watershed projects may not be individual sites; rather they often include a collection of related activities within a general area (e.g. 4 culvert replacements across 2 tributary watersheds). Some projects are for planning future actions or for collecting data toward future restoration activities, thus not all are 'groundwork' projects. Project proponents often leverage TRRP funding to draw in additional funds for projects.

SiteIDNameYear (proposed)Proponent
171Grass Valley Creek Watershed Assessment2003Martin Tsro
170Hamilton Ponds Evaluation and Planning2003TCRCD
169Trinity County Fish/Wildlife Restoration Grant Program2003Trinity County
164Hamilton Ponds Sediment Removal2004TCRCD
168Trinity Basin Restoration Inventory/Assessment2004TCRCD
167Trinity County Fish/Wildlife Restoration Grant Program2004Trinity County
165Rush Creek Watershed Assessment, NEPA/CEQA2004USBR
166GVC Wateshed Monitoring, Hamilton Ponds2005TCRCD
162Watershed Coordination2005TCRCD
160Trinity River Basin Fish and Wildlife Restoration Grant Program (aka Trinity County Watershed Grant Program)2005Trinity County
163Watershed Strategy and Technical Support2005USGS
161GVC Watershed Monitoring, Hamilton Ponds, Dark Gulch2006TCRCD
157Watershed Coordination2006TCRCD
158Watershed Strategy and Technical Support2006USGS
156Assessment of Fine Sediment Transport/Distribution2007S. Dickenson
154Watershed Coordination (funding 2007 - 2009)2007TCRCD
159Targeted Watershed Implementation Program2007Trinity County
155Sediment Removal at Hamilton Ponds2007Yurok Tribe
148BLM/Democrat Gulch2008BLM
147SPI Lowden2008SPI
145Browns Fire Outreach and Inventory2008TCRCD
153Conrad Gulch2008TCRCD
150Jessup Gulch2008TCRCD
144Junction/Oregon Fire Outreach/Inventory2008TCRCD
146Little Grass Valley Creek Feasibility/Site Assessment2008TCRCD
152Lowden Implementation2008TCRCD
149North Fork2008TCRCD
151Soldier Creek2008TCRCD
139China Gulch - Dutch Creek Sediment Reduction20095 Counties
141Dark Gulch Sediment Basin, Sediment Removal2009TCRCD
142Democrat Gulch Phase II Road Stormproofing2009TCRCD
143Grass Valley and Indian Creek Road Upgrade2009TCRCD
140Junction City 2008 Fire Rehabilitation2009TCRCD
133Lower Sidney Gulch Rehabilitation and Sediment Control, Phase 120105 Counties
134Indian Creek Rehabilitation and Sediment Control, Phase 12010ESA PWA
136Bierce Creek Road Rehabilitation2010TCRCD
137Coffin Fire Road Rehabilitation2010TCRCD
138Phillips Gulch Road Rehabilitation2010TCRCD
135Soldier Creek Main Haul Road Sediment Reduction2010USFS
175Browns Creek Roads Sediment Assessment20115 Counties
173Conner Creek Migration Barrier20115 Counties
172Indian Creek, Phase 22011ESA PWA
174West Weaver Creek Rapid Assessment2011ESA PWA
131Union Hill Road Improvement2011SPI
176Browns Decommissioning2011TCRCD
132Middle Trinity Road Decommissioning and Upgrade2011TCRCD
178Conner Creek Mouth Fish Passage Enhancement Feasibility Study (aka Conner Ck. Barrier)20125 Counties
180Lower East Weaver Creek Habitat and Infrastructure (aka Lower East Weaver Ck.)20125 Counties
181Sidney Gulch USFS Feasibility Study (aka Sidney Gulch-Forest Service)20125 Counties
179Lidar (aka Lidar)2012TCRCD
177Mainstem Sediment Reduction (aka BLM Roads)2012TCRCD
183Browns Creek Road Sediment Implementation Project (aka Browns Crk Rd Improvements)20135 Counties
184Schofield Gulch Sediment Reduction Project (aka Schofield Gulch)20135 Counties
182Grass Valley Creek Road Upgrade (aka Grass Valley Crk Rd Upgrade)2013TCRCD
187Native Plant Nursury2013TCRCD
186Watershed Rehabilitation and Sediment Source Control2013USFS
185Agricultural Practices on Sediment & Nutrient Deliveries in Watersheds2013WRTC
192Watershed Coordination2014
190Browns Creek Road Sediment Implementation Project20145 Counties
189East Weaver Creek Dam Removal Project20145 Counties
188Sidney Gulch Fish Passage Improvement Project20145 Counties
191West Weaver Creek Channel and Floodplain Rehabilitation2014TCRCD
198Oregon Street Sediment Reduction Implementation Project20155 Counties
197Valdor Roads Sediment Reduction20155 Counties
195Weaver Creek Private Roads Sediment Assessment/Road Inventory (aka Weaver Creek Road Sediment Assessment, or Weaver Crk Rd Inventory)20155 Counties
196Conner Creek Mouth Fish Passage Enhancement2015TCRCD
193Grass Valley Creek - Anadromous Pacific Lamprey (Sediment and Connectivity-Lamprey)2015TCRCD
194Trinity River Watershed Road Upgrade and Decommission2015TCRCD
201Oregon Street Sediment Reduction Implementation Project20165 Counties
203Sidney Gulch USFS Compound Fish Passage Improvement Full Design & Permit20165 Counties
202Valdor Road Sediment Reduction Implementation Project20165 Counties
199Salt Creek Confluence: Millsite Channel Restoration2016WRTC
200South Fork Trinity River (SFTR)-Large Wood Helicopter Loading Pilot Project2016Yurok Tribe
210East Weaver Creek Dam Removal Project20175 Counties
208Lower Sidney Gulch Urban Stream Restoration Phase 2 Final Design20175 Counties
209Manzanita Creek Fish Migration Barrier Removal20175 Counties
204Grass Valley and Indian Creek Road Improvement Project2017TCRCD
205Salt Creek Stream Crossing Upgrade Project2017TCRCD
206South Fork Trinity River Road Assessment and Improvement Project2017TCRCD
207West Weaver Creek Vegetation Resiliency2017TCRCD
212USFS Road Improvements2017USFS
211Indian Creek Habitat Connectivity Project2017Yurok Tribe
213East Weaver Creek Dam Removal20185 Counties
214McKnight Ditch Water Conservation20185 Counties
216South Fork Trinity River Road Upgrade and Maintenance Phase I2018TCRCD
215Sidney Gulch Riparian Habitat Improvement2018Trinity County
217Browns Creek Water Resiliency2018WRTC
221Lower Supply Creek Floodplain and Fish Habitat Enhancement Project2020Hoopa Valley Tribe
225Weaver Creek Restoration Planning Project2020Nor-Rel-Muk Wintu
223Deadwood Creek-Carr Fire Recovery Sediment Reduction Project2020NW CA Resource Conservation & Development Council
224Mainstem and South Fork Trinity Road Decommissioning Project2020TCRCD
222Tule Creek Fish Passage Improvement Project2020WRTC
226East Branch East Weaver Creek Migration Barrier Removal2022Northwest California Resource Conservation & Development Council
228Resiliency in the Greater Trinity River Watershed2022Watershed Research and Training Center
227Oregon Gulch Culvert Replacement Planning Project2022Yurok Tribe

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