Infrastructure Improvements

One of the top priorities for the TRRP over the first several years was the improvement of infrastructure along the river in order to accommodate the restoration flow releases prescribed in theĀ Record of Decision. These included bridges and floodplain structures such as buildings and wells.


In the early years of the TRRP a top priority was the modification of three bridges on the upper Trinity River so that they could physically pass the higher peak flows envisioned by the December 2000 Record of Decision (ROD). Using hydrologic studies, engineering designs and specifications, and environmental documents completed in 2003, the TRRP awarded two construction contracts totaling six million dollars. Cost sharing funds of two million dollars were acquired from the state to assist with the projects that were completed at or under engineering cost estimates. All three bridges were completed by 2006, which allowed the ROD flows to be implemented in future years.

Biggers Road Bridge









Poker Bar Bridge


Salt Flat Bridge

Construction of the Salt Flat bridge

Salt Flat bridge during construction