Past Sites

Past sites by year

2005 Hocker Flat
2006 Canyon Creek Suite:

Conner Creek

Valdor Gulch


Pear Tree Gulch

2007 Indian Creek (inluding Vitzthum Gulch)
2008 Dark Gulch “The Lewiston 4”:

Sven Olbertson

Deadwood Creek


Hoadley Gulch

2009 Sawmill
2010 Reading Creek
Lowden Ranch
Trinity House Gulch
2011 Wheel Gulch
2012 Lower Steiner Flat
Upper Junction City
2013 Douglas City (Lower Portion)
Lorenz Gulch
2014 Lower Junction City
2015 Upper Douglas City
Limekiln Gulch
2016 Bucktail

Note: our Sven Olbertson page has a slideshow that exemplifies how rehabilitation sites are formed then evolve after the construction phase is completed.