Current Restoration Flow Release Schedule

New! (Aug. 23, 2013) The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has revised the Ceremonial and Lower Klamath River Releases hydrograph (link to News Release here). TRRP is providing the scheduled hydrograph as a courtesy to the public (download graph PDF here or see image below).

WY 2013 Ceremonial & Klamath Augmentation Lewiston Dam Releases to the Trinity River, CA

You may subscribe to our Automated Flow Release Notifications. Actual releases may not always follow the flow schedule – see our Flow FAQ page for details.

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The Water Year 2013 TRRP recommended schedule is as follows. Click here to download a 2-page PDF). The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has provided a News Release.

WY2013 Restoration Release Schedule

Date Day River Release Date Day River Release
1-Oct-12 Mon 450 31-May-13 Fri 1,300
16-Oct-12 Tue 300 1-Jun-13 Sat 1,200
21-Apr-13 Sun 1,100 2-Jun-13 Sun 1,200
22-Apr-13 Mon 2,000 5-Jun-13 Wed 1,053
1-May-13 Wed 3,300 6-Jun-13 Thur 1,007
2-May-13 Thur 4,500 7-Jun-13 Fri 964
4-May-13 Sat 4,306 8-Jun-13 Sat 922
5-May-13 Sun 4,121 9-Jun-13 Sun 883
6-May-13 Mon 3,943 10-Jun-13 Mon 845
7-May-13 Tue 3,773 11-Jun-13 Tue 808
8-May-13 Wed 3,611 12-Jun-13 Wed 774
9-May-13 Thur 3,455 13-Jun-13 Thur 740
10-May-13 Fri 3,307 14-Jun-13 Fri 700
11-May-13 Sat 3,164 15-Jun-13 Sat 700
12-May-13 Sun 3,028 18-Jun-13 Tue 600
13-May-13 Mon 2,897 19-Jun-13 Wed 568
14-May-13 Tue 2,773 20-Jun-13 Thur 544
15-May-13 Wed 2,653 21-Jun-13 Fri 521
16-May-13 Thur 2,539 22-Jun-13 Sat 498
17-May-13 Fri 2,430 23-Jun-13 Sun 477
18-May-13 Sat 2,325 24-Jun-13 Mon 450
19-May-13 Sun 2,225
20-May-13 Mon 2,129
21-May-13 Tue 2,000
25-May-13 Sat 1,708
26-May-13 Sun 1,635
27-May-13 Mon 1,564
28-May-13 Tue 1,497
29-May-13 Wed 1,443
30-May-13 Thur 1,371

Flow Scheduling Process

Based on preliminary water year forecasts in February and March, technical representatives of the Trinity River Restoration Program and program partners develop flow release recommendations to meet various restoration objectives and management targets listed in Chapter 8 of the Trinity River Flow Evaluation Final Report [PDF - 10mb]. Deliberations start with the typical flow release schedule recommended in the Record of Decision that may be adapted to meet specific restoration needs for the current year.

The flow recommendations are then presented to the Trinity Adaptive Management Working Group (TAMWG) and the Trinity Management Council (TMC) in late March or early April for consideration. The flow release recommendation approved by the TMC is then forwarded to the Bureau of Reclamation, which has the final authority over dam releases.