Wheel Gulch Environmental Assessment / Initial Study (EA/IS), Public Meeting, and Review Period

The Trinity River Restoration Program has completed a Draft Environmental Impact document for the Wheel Gulch restoration site. This site is expected to be constructed starting in summer 2011.

The Trinity County Resource Conservation District (TCRCD) and the Trinity River Restoration Program would like to invite you to a public meeting to discuss the Wheel Gulch Rehabilitation project planned for this summer in the Junction City area. The meeting will be held at the North Fork Grange Hall, on Dutch Creek Road, in Junction City, starting at 6 pm on February 15th. We will be presenting information about the Trinity River Restoration Program, and the planned project, and will address any comments and concerns you and your neighbors might have.

The Wheel Gulch Rehabilitation Project is located on the mainstem Trinity River approximately 3 miles downstream of Junction City. The project will work to increase salmon and steelhead habitat downstream of Lewiston Dam. The Project is planned to enhance aquatic habitat through the construction of slow water refuge habitats, placement of structures (e.g., large woody debris), and introduction of gravel into the river’s floodplain.

The environmental impact analysis document for the “Wheel Gulch Rehabilitation Site: Trinity River Mile 75.8 to 76.4,” will be available for a 30 day public review period (ending March 17, 2011). The document contains project specific information that was unavailable when the Regional Water Board finalized the Master Environmental Impact Report (Master EIR) for Trinity River Channel Rehabilitation and Sediment Management at Phase 1 and Phase 2 sites, which programmatically analyzes environmental impacts of Trinity River channel restoration activities.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting. If you have any questions or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Brandt Gutermuth
Trinity River Restoration Program (by Tops Market)
(530) 623-1806

Alex Cousins
Trinity County Resource Conservation District
(530) 623-6004